"Through the Dark"
A Simple Prayer
Spirit Boat for Jiggs.
Schmidt Family Collection
Schmidt Family Collection
Where the Universe Collides.
I Wait Patiently
Bring Me Home Lord
Time is Only Now
Mental Flights on a Dusty Day
Take Me to the Heavens.
Hope in Large Doses
Moments to Fall Into
I Fit Perfectly Right Here
I Fit Perfectly Right Here
Tonight we watch the stars..jpg
with lungs I try and wash.jpg
Shaping Me.jpg
THis is my solitude.jpg
Causing Me to Form Creative Patterns.jpg
Culture Was Always Involved in Conversation.jpg
Foundations copy.jpg
I Can See Through the Window from the Garden.jpg
Lines, Shapes, Hearts copy.jpg
Love, Growing Old.jpg
The Walls Were Full of Art, and THey Spoke to Me..jpg
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