SELECTED WORKS on Canvas 2017-2018


Selected works from the series “These are My Shapes? A Conversation With Someone.” that follow the artists last series “Fragments” which discussed how ones character/personality is formed over a lifetime.

“These are My Shapes” follows the process of fragmentation over the artists own life as it continues to shape him. The entire body of work is a conversation between the artist and an audience, there are 18 total pieces that create this conversation that embodies a sarcastic yet subtle tone, asking for the audience (who are all on their phones and not present) to truly listen to the joys and sorrows that encompass the last 43 years of his life.

Each piece follows along a 43 year timeline, as the years increase the layers of media begin to accumulate in the form of canvas pieces, cloth, burlap and string. These layers are an example of the layers that continue to build up in ones life forming their personality and character over time.