“It Started Somewhere in California, 43 Years Ago. Ask My Parents.” (He whispered loudly or quietly)
“I am Shaping and Forming Something. Please, Do Me a Favor, Quiet Down and Listen. That is all I Need. A Little Quiet.”
“Is any of This Beginning to Make Sense Yet?”
“Can You Make a Little Noise, So that I Can Tell?” (He speaks at a louder level than before)
“You Can Not See the Other Side. You Should Wait Though. It’s Good to be Paitient.”
“There were a lot of rough spots along the way. (Some of them I don’t want to mention he said under his breath)”
“If you add up all the parts, it will eventually equal whole. (He said laughing, a little)”
“No, seriously. Add up the parts.”
It’s not just all Thrown Together. I think There is a True Purpose.” (He says sarcastically)
I Truly Believe that You are Missing the Important Parts of what I am Saying.
You Feel Insignificant too? (looking right at them) I think we all do. But we arent.
“How did you, well....become you? The you now, in this moment. Today. (He truly is curious, because your story matters.)”
I Hope This Lasts a While, because I Really Love Her. Madly. (He Thinks Back on The Years)This is Important.
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