Touch Tongues Now!

Touch Tounges Honestly, I don't know how to even word this post.  My words are failing my thoughts as my fingers try and move in a fluid motion across the keyboard.

This is about music.

This is about sound.

This is about rock and roll.

This is about everything I love,

everything that is music.

My headphones have been currently producing the sounds of; Frightened Rabbit, The Twilight Sad, Glasvegas, The Dead Weather, Sun Kil Moon, Smog, M83, TV on the Radio, Boards of Canada, Jonsi and Alex, Say Hi, Discovery and The Passion Pit all merging with my all time favorites Bowie, Lou Reed, The Velvets, The Dolls, The Smiths, T Rex, The Fall, Joy Division, The Smiths, The Clash, Mott the Hoople and a whole entourage of others.  I create a playlist every drudging half asleep morning of music from my vast and undiscovered library of music that no longer pushes the closet or shelf space but external HD space (3 of them now to be exact) in order to awaken my soul by 12 O’clock.

Once again, a specific duo has absolutely blown my ears into absolute oblivion, to the point where I have to get up and dance singing and shaking to the music that they continue to create.  Not long ago I wrote a post about "The Greatest Band you have never heard of" and they still are!  This creative force in the shape of two individuals are no longer named "Street Hassle", but now "Touch Tongues" .  Honestly, what the hell is going on in the music world when a force of nature like Touch Tongues isn't in everyone's playlist, headphones, IPod or whatever you use to fill your ears with waves.    Last week they uploaded a new songs to their MySpace page that were recorded in a single weekend in a storage shed.  "Instead of a garage band we're a mini-storage band"  Pierre Krause (The wife) told the Dallas Observer in an article last week.

I know "The Dead Weather" album is brilliant, amazing, I can't stop listening to it myself.  But "Touch Tounges" is raw, is real, is rock and roll, is right here in Dallas.  This is what Art is all about.  Being an Artist myself, to lock yourself in a mini-storage shed and kick out songs, on your own, at the brilliance they have done.  This is what creating is all about, this is the life of artists, this is the life of stories, this is the life of a generation of middle fingers and change.

Pierre and I go way back, I consider her family.  I have always, for the number of years I have known her, called her the second coming of Patti Smith.  Not only as a vocalist, but as a poet, an absolutely brilliant poet.  You can here bits of Patti in every breath of her vocals while husband Chris is banging out Johnny Thunders, Mark Bolan, Bernard Sumner and Lou Reed guitar riffs to her haunting, yet powerful vocals that even hint at a female Ian Curtis.  The new songs have a Joy Division feel in the sound, which always brings me that excited, yet sorrowful feeling.

Do yourself a damn favor, listen, and go see a show.  Bring a crew out, dress up, go to dance, go with the attitude of visiting the Manchester's Rafters Club on April 14th 1978 and witnessing Joy Division, or David Bowie performing Ziggy Stardust in 1972.  If you go with an attitude of rock and roll history, "Touch Tongues" will be one of the best shows you have ever seen.