The Best band you have never heard of...

I have been meaning to write this for a long time. We (the music elite, at least we think we are in our own mind) always here, read, mention, watch, or view something that concerns the greatest band that no one knows about. Whether we read it in Under the Radar, Rolling Stone, Filter, Paste, a random blog, article, book, documentary etc etc etc, somewhere along the road of musical excursion we hear the phrase "greatest band no one has ever heard".

Well, I am claiming this phrase right now, and I have been saying this phrase over and over again concerning a small two piece out of Denton, Texas known as "Street Hassle" obviously named after possibly the greatest Lou Reed song ever created (and there are many great Lou creations).  Denton, TX  is well known for its musical genius, the little town was named by Paste magazine, Signs of Life: Best Music Scene 2008.  The NY Times wrote and article as well on the scene as did Popmatters.  Acts such as Midlake, Robert Gomez, and The Baptist Generals top the known indi acts leading the way for emerging acts like We are Villains, RTB2, Fishboy and others like Street Hassle.

This two piece is made up of newly married husband and wife creative/musical geniuses. (I don't use this term lightly.) Art, poetry, literature, philosophy, film, music, skate, and bmx make up the daily creative activities of this duo. Thus playing into the raw emotion of their incredible music. If you are a fan of The New York Dolls, Velvet Underground, David Bowie, Patty Smith, Television, T. Rex, Joy Division, Iggy and The Stooges, The Early Stones, Richard Hell, Johnny Thunders and anyone else who played at this time or anyone who was attached to Andy Warhol at some particular time, then you will lose your mind when your ears taste the symphony of Street Hassle's music. I honestly feel like I am watching a reinventing of Patty Smith, if Patty or Fred Sonic Smith could see them she would feel the same way, I guarantee it.

On album you feel the energy and wish you were alive to see a historic performance at The Factory circa 1962-1968. Imagine sitting on the red couch in the Factory, headphones covering your ears, the raw energy pulsing as the evening crowd arrives. This is the raw, gritty, emotion that their music invokes to rock and roll historians, those of us who read, listen and study the evolution of our favorite artists.

On stage you get a rock and roll performance, the way you are supposed to. Street Hassle will bring you a bit of Iggy, a touch of Ian, pieces of Mick and even a taste of Johnny Rotten. Equal parts punk, glam and art rock, Street Hassle is "the best band you have never heard" of-go listen, go jam, you won't be able to resist the urge of doing the Jagger swagger. Who dances to rock and roll anymore, kids just stand and listen, Street Hassle brings the dance back to rock and roll.

Listen to Street Hassle here-