You Are Champion.

You are none other than champion!

Restless for the wind to move,

in motion,

in reverse forwards,

being still, for the sake of language,

You ramble, often

looking inward for conversations about gladiators or men,

or separation of complete false manhood,



Gaps of common,

misuse of parenting or childhood- be it as it may, 

the artist creates moments on canvas to 





Remember now,

You are none other than Champion!

of will,

or relentless moving on from the difficult,

you raised yourself on cereal spelling and

pages of scribble text dictionary words,


David Bowie was father,

“Crawling down the alley on your hands and knee

I'm sure you're not protected, for it's plain to see

The diamond dogs are poachers and they hide behind trees

Hunt you to the ground they will, mannequins with kill appeal”

Diamond Dogs were mother,

“Come out of the garden baby, baby

You’ll catch your death in the fog”,


Dip your hair below,

in the water with gold fingers,

it is time for the Wild Man to surface,

despite all despite’s

or just because’s,

Remember now!

You are none other than Champion! 

...Ty Clark