A Canvas of Sound: Scene.

Kris Rutherford and I recently applied for a grant with the Austin Film Society with our film," A Canvas of Sound."  We didn't get the grant, or any grant for that matter.  It, of course was disappointing and mostly because I am a perfectionist as an artist.  The experience was incredible though, the process, breaking down all of my ideas, scenes, questions etc and creating my first film treatment.  We are still in the process of creating the film as we have run out of funding and have been putting our own money into the project.  I wanted to share the clip that we used in our entry.  

We chose a clip from the "Chapter 1: What is Sound?" section of the film. This clip will be following our opening sequence and will begin with a narration of prose over an artist painting in a studio. The opening sequence (artist in studio) will fade out to Chapter 1 (selected scene). This chapter is the introduction to the characters, as they define sound in their own personal definitions while showing each of them in their musical element. You will also get a feel for the style of the camera work across the breadth of the film, using landscapes of musical visuals with sound and words. 

For more information about the film you can contact myself at : https://www.samo4prez.com/contact/