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so..its been quite a while since announcing much to the public or friends.. I have been back from China now for about 10 months and I have been in hiding out, silently, (for whatever reasons) since the re-entry back to life as an american consumer, complainer, capitalist and whatever you want to add to it. But in all actuality I have been busy creating things in my time on home soil, I feel like I am talking like a politician, a republicrat; I guess it fits this time of year with all of the hoopla of nominating season.  

Anyways here is what I have been up to or not up too-

1.  Writing-not much, still at a half-way or three quarters point one of the books I have been working on over the last 3-4 years.  China gave me a serious writers block (which i have never had) since I left the genres and cultures I was writing in and on, I lost all train of thought.  I have worked here and there on the piece and need to "kick myself to the curb" (an old early 90's rap saying) and write.  Although David Eggers, Nick Hornby and Chuck Klosterman have been sure-on influences and inspirations, sorry for letting you boys down.

2.  Art-No painting at all and my bones ache and blood churns for the canvas.  Although I have been doing a lot of digital works, sad isn't it.  But I love my new drawing pad and i-mac, lots of hours, late, late hours.  (sorry Mande)

3.  Music-Writing bits and pieces here and there, kicking around on the bass a bit.  

4.  Creating-This is where all the time has been spent.  I have founded and ART Fashion brand called "Veritas" and our inception as a company "Veritas World LLC" was this year.  So I have been creating and designing all the clothing for the brand.  I asked one of my best friends Jacob Combs to partner in this adventure with me and he has been flying like a fast thing that fly's ever since.  We also will be creating a non-profit company along with it, to tie our Artist Collective into.  

Here is what Veritas is all about:


The Vision of Veritas is to impact peoples lives by creating a brand that is a catalyst for truth, love and a passion for giving.  Veritas creates and nourishes the kind of relationship  and diversity of human contact that builds into the essence of the city.  The Veritas brand is designed and created to bring community together through a combination of the Arts; one shirt, one painting, one sound, one film, and one word at a time.


Artist Collective

The Veritas Artist Collective is a collection of individuals who we at Veritas are personally connected with and love.  The Collection is made up of different genres, styles, forms and mediums in the world of the arts.  We hope you take time to look, listen, watch, read and connect with these individuals and their body of work.  You observe their talent on the Veritas web site.  Be looking for Veritas events in the near future featuring members of the Artist Collective.



We at Veritas take our product seriously.  Veritas is made up of creative individuals who are actively involved in every genre of the Art World.  Each member of the Veritas team will only create and sell something that they would be proud to wear.  Veritas designers look its clothing as if it were a blank canvas and passionately create each design as a work of art.

So today-the first line is complete, the website will be up shortly to purchase online.  We are seeking out boutiques to carry our clothing and people to wear it.  We are also looking at purchasing a three story building to house our own boutique on the first floor, art gallery on the second, and lofts that we will live in on the third floor. 

You can check out my insane, creative, laxative, internationally non recognizable life at:






We'll talk soon..i love J Lynn Johnston more than.....