My Playlist as of this minute....

I create every day so I listen every day, this is my current playlist that fills my ears while disappearing into random creation... 1.Pogues-If I should fall from Grace with God [youtube=]

2.John Cale- Vintage Violence

3.Church-The Blurred Crusade



6.X-More Fun in the New World

7.Soft Boys- Underwater Moonlight [youtube=]

8.Velvet Underground-White light/White heat

9.Donovan-sunshine Superman

10.John Cale-Paris 1919 [youtube=]

11.Lou Reed-Berlin

12.Howlin Wolf-Howlin WOlf

13.Kinks-The kink controversy [youtube=]

14.Ramblin Jack Ellliott-Hard Travelin

15.Grant Lee Buffalo-Mighty joe moon

16.XTC- Upper Daisy Assortment

17.Soft Boys-Two half's for the price of one

18.Public Image LTD- Metal Box 1 [youtube=]


20.Kinks-Kinda Kinks

21.Can-Cannibalism 1

22.Lou Reed- New York

23.DavidBowie- Ziggy Stardust

24.David Bowie-Alladin Sane

25.David Bowie-Diamond Dogs [youtube=]


27.Warren Zevon-Best of 76-80